Wholesale Membership

Want to gain exclusive membership discounts and savings? Join our wholesale VIP Club savings program and receive access to our exclusive VIP Club pricing and incentives that professional rug and furniture stores around the world get to help grow their retail business.

  • Funky Strokes Wholesale VIP Club Membership is available to professional brick and mortar and online furniture, patio décor and rug businesses with a State registered business license and verifiable tax resale ID, website, and other active social media listings.
  • Acceptance into the Wholesale VIP Club Membership is based on application and the information supplied being validated and is at the sole discretion of Funky Strokes. Funky Strokes reserves the right to cancel access and membership to the Wholesale VIP Club at any time.
  • Receive discounts up to 50% off pricing based on order quantity. Provide more value to your customer base while increasing your bottom line. Generate extra cashflow selling our products to your customers!
  • Your own personal account rep. We are not just here to sell you Funky Strokes products. We want you to be successful and we intend to help you get there. So, we supply you with your own account manager that is here to address any questions or concerns you may have and help offer you solutions to get you to the goals you want to reach.
  • Promotional Materials and ideas are provided to help you reach your current or new customer base. We will provide videos, photos and graphic designs to help you promote the Funky Strokes brand to your audience. Our VIP Club members are business partners to us. We want to help you grow as we grow and see you succeed using and offering the best outdoor & indoor rug products on the planet.
  • Fill out that membership application today and speak with one of our wholesale account reps. Give us 15 mins of your time and we can show you how to increase your customer satisfaction, your bottom line and the ability to use the best rug products on the market
  • Contact us at: support@funkystrokes.com



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