Why Funky Strokes?

We aim to make beautiful products that offer practical solutions and are versatile. 

We at Funky Strokes have perfected a method for recycling single use plastics into beautiful, soft woven rugs and made it our mission to create gorgeous products that you would choose regardless of their environmental credentials.

Our water-resistant indoor outdoor rugs are influenced by our love for Scandinavian, African and Eastern design, combining soft yellows, reds, blues, and greys with natural tones to make timeless products that look great throughout the home.

We have created magic with crochet and designed handmade travel cup sleeves which make a perfect gift for a pet or coffee lover. These replace the use of throw-away paper cup sleeves or napkins.

We hope as much as anyone that companies will stop producing plastic bottles. There are already more than enough out there to keep us making rugs and soft furnishings for years to come and we’re happy to give plastic bottles, that are typically only used for a few minutes, the chance to be part of something beautiful that will last for decades.